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June 05
Blimey, hardly seems like I have any time anymore to write stuff on here! Amazing how much time and effort a 1 year old takes!! Anyway, onto other things. As of last month, the band and Mark have parted ways. Nuff said. We are carrying on as a 3 piece at the moment, and now I've got my self a box-o-tricks (que groaning and head-slapping from Darren....) we find that the only song we have really had to drop is Caroline. Not bad, even if we do say so ourselves! And credit to Darren for carrying 2 guitar parts, whilst singing and stomping on numerous floor pedals! Top man! (AA)

Mar 05
Seems we've been asked back onto the bill at The Rockinbeerfest! Good news indeed. We reckon the show will probably be revamped a little after last year - it was the first year it was run, so no doubt some lessons were learnt! We seen to be on the Friday - not sure when or where in the running order, nor for how long though. But we do seem to be one of the few "not big name bands" to be asked back, so someone must have liked us!(AA)

Mar 05
Well, we've just had to cancel our 1st gig of the year. March hasn't been a good time for the band. First news about Alex - he was a close friend of Darren and Mark. Then Carl had to cancel rehearsal due to a real bad cold - must have been bad for him to cancel! Closely followed by Mark, going down with bronchitus. Which preceded Darren pulling muscles in his back which rendered him immobilised at home and off work! I've since had some weird 3day flu thing.....! Hopefully, come April, we'll all be back on our feet and raring to go! That said, I've just fallen on the stairs and landed on my back on the edge of the step - its starting to hurt now, shall we say!! Oh well......!!
But on a brighter note, Colin (TMK), ex - keyboard player, has just announced that he and his partner are expecting their first good luck to them, and welcome to parenthood!!(AA)

Mar 2005
It is with deep sadness, that we announce the death of Alex (Crackel), former drummer with Spare Parts. He died fighting for his country and for a better world, while with the American Army in Iraq.
Alex was indeed one of the rare few - having a huge personality that seemed to touch all the people he came into contact with. While I never knew him personally, I saw him play several times with the band before I joined, and you'd be guarenteed of leaving the gig with a big grin on your face after his frantic and extrovert performances. He was the living embodiment of the muppet "Animal"! And this did not seem to be reserved for just live music either, for after reading some of the rememberance posts he seems to have touched many peoples' lives to. RIP Alex. (AA)

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