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Dec 06
Re-design of the site completed. We think it looks good, hope you do to! Finished the gigs for the year - and starting to arrange them for 2007. First one in Jan, so about 6 weeks off! Its been a pretty good year - looking forward to 2007!

Feb 06
First gig finally under our belts, in Milton Keynes. A new place for us, and was pretty good. A reasonable playing area (or very good compared to other places!), and a good crowd. Probably fair to say not we weren't 100%, but I think it went better than I was expecting! The place is noise monitored, but in the end, we were playing at a reasonable level, and the thing didn't even twitch! If there is a next time, then we may allow Carl to take the cotton wool off of his rubber sticks! Personally, I bought myself a new bass, and must say, it is a biiiiig improvement to the clarity of the sound, over the Hohner. Sounds different, clearer, more bottom end and a brighter top end and alot more control over the sound with the onboard actives. Niiiiiiiiiiiiiiice!! Wonder who's next with a new bit of gear?!

Jan 06
05 leads into 06......whats changed? Not a lot really! Finally got a reasonable giglist sorted...thats now up, so catch us if you, you won't be disappointed! (Oh, the arrogance! haha!)
Well, 05 ended up being a pretty good, and we all enjoyed the 3-piece experience. Most things sound excellent (when we're playing well, of course!), and it looks like we'll continue as such. The Rockinbeerfest was a great experience, and we're pretty pleased to be asked back to appear 2 years in a row. The gig went well, we were well recieved, job done! After the event, the organisers asked for original songs to be submitted for a benefit CD, so we spent some time recording one of Darren's songs - sounds very good! We don't know if it'll get on the CD, thats up to the organisers, as ever, but we did send it in to, where it did reach the No 1 spot! Hopefully, we'll get some more down during this year.
On another note, we had a "private" message left on the message board, from someone claiming to be our last drummer - maybe its real, maybe its not, we don't know. Anyway, if it is real, and for your benefit, we haven't changed anything on the website, all comments and reviews are as they were written when you were in the band, they were acceptable at the time to you, so therefore nothing will be removed.
Right, 'nuff of that, and roll on 2006. We're looking forward to getting out there and playing again!
Updated: Nov 06
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