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Dec 2002
Well its been a while but lets just wrap things up in the news page.
Sept: Did the Greenwich bash, and very good it was to. During the build up, one Colin "TMK" Harris muscled his way into the band, to perform a few songs with us, on keyboards and harp and vocals. It wasn't our gig, so we said yes, and hoped he was good! As it turned out, he played a blinder, and The Guru was so impressed he asked Colin to carry on playing! Chomping at the bit, Mr 'Arris ummmed and arrrrged for...all of 1.25 seconds....and so Spare Parts grew a fifth member!
October: the gits who hosted the web site, decided to pack up and do a runner, hence the web site disappeared from the ethernet! Subsequent digging, found that the web site was actually registered in their name and not ours, which meant that it was going to be hard to get the name back. So we tried anyway....
Dec: ...and finally found out that to get the name moved, it would mean putting ourselves (read me) liable for any costs from being sued, for moveing the name away from the owners. Too much risk, so we bought another name, which is where we now reside...! Oh yes, the gits also took my money as well as the name! Oh well.

18th May
As you can see, I've finally had a go at buying a domain name. Got a bit fed up realing out the previous angelfire name everytime someone wanted to know it! At least this one is short and sharp and easily remembered! Another busy year for us, sees us just be asked to do the inaugral Wellingborough Beer Festival. OK, it may not be the largest, but it sounds like it should be good. The last night of 3 day event, it'll be a bit different for the visitors who'll be used to hearing soul and disco for last 2and a half days!! Still no practicing, but stop press!!! we have one next week! Maybe at last we can now put some new songs together! It'll give us and the people how come and see us a change! Just got a set of monitors for the first time. Darren has been on about them for years! It does make a difference, he sings better, and me? well I can hear myself now, and its not pleasent!!!

25th March
What a successful March. Bugger all practicing, meant worries about forgetting the set after the months off; but fear not, a quick dusting down and the memories come flooding back (occasionally!). Got a load more gigs at several new pubs, we seem to have gone down well at and as a reward....go on, have some more! So we have. Credit has to go to our very own Mr Walsh, he who has the ol' gift-o-the-gab. He seems to have got the second wind (and not the dodgy curry last night), and has been out chatting up all the landlords (and ladies!!) in Bedford! Well done that man! All told, we already have our busiest year to date, and hopefully we'll some more coming in soon! Phew! New set is really shouting out now!

16th Feb
Blimey! ntlworld (my server) is actually working today! A bit disappointing this week, sees us cancel yet another practice session. The Leader Of The Pack has done his back in, and is layed out back at home. I'm coming down with another cold, so that just leaves Mac The Stick to fall foul of a dreaded illness. 2 weeks until our next gig, doesn't really leave much time to learn the new set!! Maybe we'll manage one or two songs, then build on them over the year. Who knows?!! 10 year aniversary coming up to, of Mark and Darren settingup this little venture. 10years! And still they find the desire to carry on! What troopers..... perhaps we could do video of a gig, called Carry On Troopers?? yak yak yak yak yak......

HAVE A LOOK AT MY NEW LEAGUE TABLE "WHO CAN BE THE LAST TO ARRIVE" . During the year I will be charting the progress (or not) of each of us, to crown the King Of The Late Arrivers 2002.

Feb 9th
Pretty much sorted the bugs, and the formatting for Netscape users. Why can't Netscape and Microsoft agree on a standard language? Is it really that hard?!? Anyway, it all looks and works OK now, it's incredible how much you miss! Another gig added for May5th, at The Fluer De Lis, a reasonable pub in the town centre, but a bit small for bands to play, but then again, if the locals are out, it is a good afternoon to! More pictures have gone up on the pictures page, of one of our last gigs at the Woughton Centre. Its a shame the flash is so bright, 'cos it kind of wipes out the lighting. But some are really good! Thanks to Macs mate for doing those! Marks been down with the dreaded Flu, so no practice this week. Is our grand vision of new songs fading? Next installment very soon....(yea, right!)

Jan 26th
The long process of ironing out the bugs has begun! Not too many, but spread through all the pages means it takes a while to sort out. But it looks good, and we're all pleased with how it has turned out!
Charity gig tonight, sees us doing a 45min (if we can get away with it) set. I'm actually quite nervous about it, we haven't played for over a month now, and there should be alot of people there (yea right! we'll just have to wait and see!). But with 3 other bands on to, it is going to be a varied evening of musical styles, so should be pretty good.


Well hallo everyone! Once again, with a few spare minutes the site is again updated, infact you could say we have been Tango'ed! Similar format to before, but a brighter, fresher look to welcome in the new year. Hope you like it, and check the gigs page, 'cos we expect to see some more Quo fans coming to see us this year!!!! Oh go on.....(AA)
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