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Dec 03
Last gig (not that there has been too many) of the year last night, at the Red Lion in Biggleswade. Second time there, and turns out to be a great night. Look forward to returning there next year....which brings us to bookings. The good ol' slog of finding places to play has started in earnest, now that we have a pretty good demo CD to send out. It has been a long time coming, but Darren has managed to pull together Paranoid and Don't Waste My Time to add to Juniors Wailin. It sounds good! He has a way with knob fiddlin', does our Darren! It is now just down to trying to pursuade the pub landlords that we are worthy of gracing their tiny premises with our explosion of sound! And yes, it is a very hard job. It doesn't help that it is coming upto Christmas! Oh well, there is always the New Year to try phoning! Its just a shame that it is always such a struggle. Too many bands, and not enough live venues.
Anyway, 2003 has drawn to a close for us. Its had its highs, and alot of lows, but we are a better band for it, and are looking forward to 2004. Ta-ta everyone.

Sept 03
Spent a bit of time recently putting down some tracks. Darren is adding his next accolade to his collection, with "recording executive", "sound engineer" and "producer" now on his CV. With his box'o'tricks, we've managed to put down some pretty good tracks, which just now need finishing up. It all takes time, so hopefully soon we'll have a half dozen of songs to chuck on the site. We've put up a couple of songs already, but not of the properly recorded variety. They'll come later. What we have uploaded, are a couple of songs (Big Fat Mama and Don't Waste My Time) that we recorded during a practice session. Yes, the vocals are a little in the background, but these recordings were more to get a feel of how we sounded with new bloke Carl. As it happened, they turned out OK, so we've put them upon the site. They are raw, but then they are meant to be!
Next up is a song that Darren wrote, and recorded himself. Again, it isn't complete as yet, this version is more a demo. Listening to it again recently, we thought how good it sounded, even in this very unfinished state, so again, we've uploaded the song, to give it some air play. The band used to play this many years ago, but it hasn't seen the light of day (or night) for a long time. Maybe it will make a comeback one day...

A compilation of shots from recent rehearsals/recording.
recording sept 03
July 03
The band is back!
Its been a depressing time for the band, but hopefully this is over with now, and we can all move forward. Just for completeness, we'd like to say a few words to explain what has happened.
Come April, and, for various reasons, I (The Bassist) decide to call it a day after 4 years. It is never a good time to quit, but now seemed a good time for me. So the band split. D+M then suggest one more gig, which was going to be the end of May, and as it happened, was in Bedford, the birth place of the Parts. We all agreed, and so would do one more. As had been the case for several months before, no rehearsals occurred, so we would be going into this last one completely cold, but what the hell! As it turned out, what a pain! Without going to much in depth, the drummer screwed us good and proper. He had agreed to do it, several times, but come 4 days before, Mark gives him a call, and we find out that "he didn't know we were doing a gig on that day" and had subsequently taken a gig with another band he occassionally plays with. And no, he wasn't going to play with us, even though this gig had been booked back 2002! He wasn't even going to tell us! So off I go crawling back to the pub to say that we can't do the gig. Landlord was NOT happy to say the least. Oh well, its over and done with now, and because of his actions and costing us our fee, we guess the drummer has called it evens. Fine by us.
So an anti-climax, somewhat. It all stays quiet, until I get a call from Darren. Seems he can't not be playing, and after several months off, wants to get the whole thing up and running again. Issues are discussed, and I agree to re-enter the fold. After the debacle with the drummer, it is decided that we will look for a new bloke (or blokess) to fill the stool. We look at 2, and one seems suitable, a guy that we've met a few times previously. As it turns out, he looks as though he will be a real bonus to the sound and feel of the band, and we're all excited about the prospect of working with the bloke. His name is Carl. He is bloody loud, very powerful, very skillful, and also very intuitive, by which I mean he seems to second guess where breaks are, and when fills are needed and does it all pretty fluidly, it just makes playing so much easier!
So, current state of affairs is, we are now arranging rehearsals, to get Carl familiar with the music, and the first gig is in August.
The other "news" as such, is that as part of taking SP forward, we are changing the set list. The set will still focus on Quo, but the ultimate goal will be to have half a set of Quo stuff and the 2nd set as other covers. Thats not as radical (for us, at least) as it might sound, since we probably did 4 or 5 other band covers anyway. Without naming specific songs yet, we're looking at doing stuff from Georgia Satellites, Bad Company, Thunder, Sabbath (guess which song that could be??!!), Motorhead, Ted Nugent etc.. So, the future is bright, all it lacks now is bookings! Time to get on the phone!!

So, we are back, really looking forward to getting the new songs into the set, its going to be such a larf doing some of the ones we've suggested! See you soon. (AA)

Mar 03
More bad news. More cancellations. Not going well at all! Please note, this is the pubs cancelling, not us!Looks like it might be a quiet year, while we sort out a new set. There are still a few gigs though, so catch us if you can.

Feb 03
Well, this is going to be tough year! Already we have had a handful of cancellations, which is a shame since they were good places to play. Still, the search for places in our neck of the woods carries on; I guess there is no point in asking if there are any Quo - orientated places out there??? Well, we're back at the Woughton Centre in MK, which is good. A large venue, that can hold probably upto a couple of thousand...but not when we're there!! Well, large stage and big PA, so we enjoy it anyway!! Also Bletchley Working Mens club seem keen to have us in there, so gig in August (after the others say YES of course!!)

Jan 03
Decided to update the layout of the site, just to keep up with a change every year. Not much, but we think it looks better!
Greenwich seemed to be a great success, the final figure raised by all the generous guests is still being calculated, and will be announced soon.
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