Classic Rock Cover Band

Darren Woodhall: vocals/lead and rhythm guitar, harp and general band supremo!

Vintage = early '70s. Influenced by many bands - Quo, Satellites, Bad Company, AC/DC, Gallagher etc.

Equipment is always important, and you don't need huge Marshall stacks to achive a great sound. Darrens gear proves that:

Gibson Melody Maker
Fender Rossi Telecaster (as prepared by "Telemaster"), with Lace Sensor and HotRails pickups
1960 (ish) VOX AC30 with original Celestion Blues (and nice woodchip wall paper coating!)
2005 (ish) VOX AC30 (no woodchip on this one!!)
Boss ME50 Effects Board
Roland Guitar Synth
Dod booster pedal
Digitech Vocalist Performer

Andrew Austin: bass and backing vocals

Vintage = late '60s. Influences from the heavier musical spectrum, Maiden, Sabbath, Motorhead, Priest, infact all the usual 70s/80s/90s suspects.


Schecter Diamond Series Custom 5-string
Trace Elliot 300W AH300-7 bass head with TE 4x10 320W cab + TE 1x15 400W cab
Peavey Tour450 450w bass head
Akai UniBass
Elite strings (45-105) or (45-130)

Carl "I Don't Do Quiet" Gibbard: drums and tinitus

Vintage = 60's. Musical influences are very wide and varied. Mainstream and weird, its all the same!

Pearl Export Drums with 22" bass, 10"+12"+14" toms + classic '70s Ludwig snare; all with Evans heads
Tama hardware
Sabian XS20 cymbals
Mapex double bass pedal
Vic Firth 7A sticks

PA: db-Technologies Speakers + subs, plus Mackie mixer (~1.5kW)
Lighting: 2x 1.5kW multi-colour units with controller + stands; 3x PAR 64 LED cans with controller

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