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14th August

Well, haven't done much in here for a while, so here goes! It seems practices are a rare commodity nowadays, there's always someone doing something else when it comes to putting in the hard graft! Pressures of work, summer etc! But we're scraping through, its surprising how much stays up top even when the band hasn't been together that much!

Anyway. Last minute gig announcement! We finally get the call up for the Red Lion in Bozeat. Great, well known and highly respected music pub on the local circuit. We've been trying to get in here for 2 years now! Another band cancellation (and presumably no one else willing to do it) means we have to take up the offer otherwise yet more waiting! On the one hand, looking forward to it, 'cos it should be a good place to play, but in our current state of loosness, it may not be one of the best! Oh well, you take the good with the bad!

See you soon.

28th April

Hallo! Hope you like the new web site, its gradually coming together. A few small problems, but nothings ever perfect to start with! Had to change the titles a little, 'cos browsers that are set up to lower resolution were having to scroll over the page, This is now fixed (hopefully)!
We are a little quiet at the moment, waiting for the next gig in May to come along. It should be good one, the last time we were there, it went down very well. The Red Lion is in Stevenage, so please come along and have a listen! (AA)

16th April

As you can see, we have a new web site up and running! OK, it may only be on one leg, but hopefully before long, a full two legger will be sprinting down the track!
All this is because of enforced changes. Our previous hosts were taken over, and the new owners won't allow the free use of their web space, after a months trial. So it would seem we have out stayed our welcome, so we decided to hop hosts and nested down with Angelfire. And to be honest, it really is very good! OK, I've had to start learning HTML stuff, but once you've got the basics, it is not as daunting as it seems!
Bear with us while all the wrinkles are ironed out of the site, and we get round to putting all the pages together, after which it should be back to normal! If there are any glitches, please let us know, so we can correct them as soon as possible. Cheers! (AA)

26th January

Well herllo!! The first gig of the year is over, and what a night it twas. Cheers to me maties Nick, Mike and Andy aka "The Dancing Bear" for coming down to swell the numbers, also to Gary, Mark and Dave who have been watching the band on and off almost since day one!! Well, things have been going swimmingly, with another rehearsal during the week, this saw the introduction of a couple of new numbers to the set. Want to know what they are??? Well you'll just have to come down to the Mulberry Bush to find out!! Wednesday saw the Stud and I (could be a title musical!!) attend a performance by the Queens own Status Quo. Watching from close up really makes you appreciate what bloody good musicians they are and how much work we have to do to get close to how good they sound!! Anyway that's about it apart from a piece of news from the SOSP (stud of spare parts), he has purchased another guitar!! This time an Epiphone SG and damn fine it is too. Iwonder how long it is before he sells it to me??? (DW)

11th January

A new year has dawned and the Parts are boldly (or is that baldly??)entering their 9th year in existance. So whats been going on I hear you ask?? Last gigs of the year went down well especially the Watts Arms.. what a night!! So onto 2001, loads of gigs booked (well done Mr Austin!!), but a severe lack of rehearsal. The main problem being the fact that all getting all 4 of us together at one time is impossible. So due to the usual rehearsal place being booked out we had to try somewhere different. Different being the operative word, the said "Rehearsal studio" is in Buckingham, this gives the Bassman and the Stud the added benefit of travelling a further 15 miles....nice!! Upon finding the shitehole...sorry I meant "STUDIO" we entered the reception area to be greeted by a lovely young lady with a T-shirt baring the logo "Porn Star", resisting the urge to ask her which films she had in fact starred in (At this stage it is worth mentioning that the Stud was under heavy sedation, and as such did not in anyway attempt to pull her) we explained who we were, she then showed us "Studio 5". Without going into too much detail studio 5 was with out doubt one of the most squalid places I've ever had the misfortune to play in. If the Stud and Mac chain smoked constantly for the next 5 years the would find it difficult to amass the amount of fag ends lying about. The PA was as powerful as Thora Hird, and the mics looked like they had been used by the Kray Twins back in the 60's to torture people with!! COSP!!!! Still the lads done well and with sterling effort managed to make light of the situation. New song for the set being the only Quo song dedicated to sowing: Darn Darn. Suprisingly good rehearsal, bring on the first gigs of the year!! Oh, by the way congratulations to Mac and Sue, who have announced their getting married in June, I'm sure we can do them a good deal on the reception band!!(DW)

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