Pictures taken throughout the day. Great event, thousands of cars and unusually the weather held out! The event is re-booked for next year, Oct 9th and 10th.

Mazda Rotary Club
FDUK. Series 3 only!
Clarkee's Pictures

JPS 12/10/03
Purple RXClarkee's RX?MixtureChris Ellis's RX
MRC standMRC standWhite Spirit RTango'ed
Tango'ed againMineRed and Black RXsSilver kitted up RX
MixtureYou can't park there, mate!"RX Seven" club stand...er...yea..Clives' monster
Clives' monster againMRC STAND - loads of RXs!More MRC standRX8
Black RX (strip)Black RX (strip)Chris EllisRX3 (strip)
2 red RXs (strip)Red RX (strip)Red RX (strip)Black RX (strip)
Black RX vs RX3 (strip)Dragon RX (strip)Dragon RX (strip)Black RX (strip)
Black RX (strip)Series 1 RX (strip)Red RX (strip) 
Dragon RX vs Scooby (strip)Dragon RX (strip)Photo 3Dragon RX (strip)
Photo 5Yellow/black RX (strip)Yellow/black RX vs SupraPhoto 8
Photo 9Photo 10Photo 11Photo 12
Photo 13Photo 14Photo 15Photo 16
Photo 17Photo 18Photo 19Photo 20
Photo 21Prelude SomewherePrelude Somewhere 2Prelude Somewhere 3
Photo 25Photo 26Photo 27Seems someone likes them...
Hmmmmm....Photo 30Photo 31Guess its not an 1100cc anymore!
Photo 33Photo 34Photo 35Photo 36
Photo 37Photo 38Photo 39 

NOTE: These are short videos off my digital camera, as such they are not of the greatest quality, shall we say! If you don't expect too much, then you won't be disappointed!!!!
VIDEO... RX3 vs Series 1 RX7 on the strip.
VIDEO... White Dragon Autosport RX.
VIDEO... Yellow/black RX vs Supra.
VIDEO... Quick Skyline (10's).
VIDEO... Red RX vs Rob Bell Skyline.